VestaPay is improving the entire patient registration process, including in the Emergency Department – for patients and staff.

Our industry-leading mobile patient registration platform enables waiting rooms to flow more freely, reducing stress for frontline medical workers while simultaneously improving the overall hospital experience for patients. In addition, our patent pending innovations can be rolled out into all hospital departments, helping to address staff shortages and improve staff collaboration across an entire medical system. Best of all, when combined with our industry-leading estimator and Dynamic Balance Adjusting-AutoPay Plans (DBA-APP) that can be set up at time of service, VestaPay can help improve hospital finance by millions of dollars per year with little to no upfront cost.

How much Time and Money can we save your hospital?

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Improved patient experience

Patients can complete intake forms and access new patient registration forms, upload insurance information (for as many insurance carriers as applicable) and set up payment for 100% of their known and unknown liability at time of service using our Dynamic Balance Adjusting-AutoPay Plans (DBA-APP) while at the hospital from the convenience of their phone.

Contact with Mobile

Patient Intake and Registration

Upload Insurance information

Set up Payment

  • Handles significant administrative work before the patient ever steps foot on site
  • Improves record accuracy, speeding up reimbursements and improving customer service
  • Dramatically reduces patient wait time

Learn more about how VestaPay helps patients through the Mobile Patient Registration process using our advanced ChatBot system and Virtual Staff Collaboration (VSC) solution.

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Addressing the patient financial responsibility problem

Our multifaceted solution works across the enterprise creating an elegant and consistent manner for engaging patients. So much so, that patients are now enabled to pay their bill or secure it with our DBA-APP system.

We do this by securing 100% of patients’ known AND UNKNOWN financial liability at time of service, even when you don’t know exactly what your patients owe. VestaPay is the only service of its kind that can do this, with years of breakthrough results. We’re able to do this by utilizing our exclusive Dynamic Balance Adjusting-AutoPay Plans (DBA-APP) and providing extraordinary customer service.

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The numbers speak for themselves

“VestaPay has helped our hospital generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. We are on track to generate $1.5 million in cash and $2 million in revenue secured under DBA AutoPay Plans this year. All of this was done without lifting a finger.”

– Greg Carda, CFO, Missouri Delta Medical Center

If we can do this for a rural hospital with $125 million in net patient revenue (NPR) and $10 million in bad debt, imagine what we can do for your health system!

How do your numbers stack up? Contact us. We can run a no-cost simulation on your hospital or medical system.

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