Financial care for patients
VestaPay’s mobile patient registration solution does more!
In addition to improving efficiency, our intuitive system helps patients meet payments, provides easy access, and generates 3-4x patient revenue improvement for hospitals.

Mobile Patient Registration

Complete integration for ER
and all departments

Vaccine Management

Stand up a distribution center
in as few as 7 days

Price Transparency

CMS compliance
at your fingertips

Is your hospital incurring losses or threatened by a potential shut down?

The reasons for this are obvious:

  • COVID-19 which is causing a decline in elective procedures
  • The immediate requirement to repay Medicare loans
  • The shift in hospital culture that has led to patients not paying their bills
  • No effective revenue cycle solution to fix the problem

The solution: VestaPay

The only proven solution that will ensure your survival by immediately optimizing your hospital’s financial performance. VestaPay makes your healthcare services more affordable for your patients while ensuring sustainable financial results for your system.

We do this by securing 100% of patient’s known AND UNKNOWN financial liability at time of service when you clearly don’t know exactly what your patients owe. Yet we are the only service of our kind that can do this, and we’ve been doing it for years with breakthrough results!

VestaPay by the numbers

“VestaPay has helped our hospital generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. We are on track to generate $1.5M in cash and $2M million in revenue secured under DBA-AutoPay plans this year. All of this was done without lifting a finger.”

– Greg Carda, CFO, Missouri Delta Medical Center

  • If we can do this for a rural hospital with $125 million in NPR and $10 million in bad debt, imagine what we can do for your health system?
  • VestaPay can be implemented immediately, requiring only standard HL7 file exchanges.
  • In the first year alone, we can help a typical hospital generate $2M-$150M in cash, depending on hospital size. And, it starts immediately.

Here’s How:



Mobile Innovation:
Industry-Leading ChatBot,
Two-Minute Self-Registration,
Easy Communications, and Secures Payments

Immediate 10-15% Cash Impact



Dynamic balance
Adjusting Auto-Pay Plans:
No More Collections, Ever!

Intermediate 25-60% Cash Impact!



VestaPay Advanced Eligibility,
Smart Estimating, Auditing
And Price Transparency

Sustained 50-70% Cash Impact,
Now and for the Future

How do your numbers stack up?

Patient Allowances and Discounts, Reserve for Doubtful Accounts, and Bad Debt are all areas where revenue improvements can take place. A typical large hospital might look something like this:

Projected Result: $360M improvement


Enter your financials below to see
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You help others, let us help you

VestaPay is the ultimate (and only) source for Advanced Dynamically Adjusting AutoPay plans, Advanced Eligibility and Estimating, Intelligent Automation, and next generation Mobile Chatbot Patient Communications all rolled into one.

VestaPay makes paying for healthcare more transparent for the patient and reliable for the provider. We allow patients to breathe easier, so they can focus on their recovery and get on with their full and active lives, while your hospital can now collect 100% of your patients’ liabilities when enrolled in VestaPay.


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