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VestaPay Is The Answer To The Healthcare Finance Dilemma.

We know that the last thing a hospital wants to do is send a patient to collections or worse still, file suits against them – the process is awful for the patient, ensures that the medical provider secures only a fraction of the money that they’re owed, and creates needless conflict for everyone involved. VestaPay can completely replace the outdated, relationship-burning practice followed by traditional healthcare finance while securing a higher percentage of patient revenues for your hospital.

With over 11,000 Dynamic Balance Adjusting AutoPay Plans set up, and 51 months of hospital results demonstrating 45-60% patient revenue secured, VestaPay is the only solution that breaks through the poor results demonstrated by the 200+ other  revenue cycle vendors.

– Tom Brekka, VestaPay CEO

By addressing this patient payment problem at both the individual and facility level, we have developed a CMS-compliant system that ensures enrolled patients are able to afford their financial obligations, while securing 100% of hospital’s known and future (unknown) patient revenue. Our proprietary and patent-pending dynamic balance adjusting AutoPay Plan system serves patients by keeping their payments affordable while eliminating shockingly high bills.

Never Send A Patient To Collections Ever Again:

#1 Time-Of-Service Plan Enrollment

VestaPay enables patients to agree to a fixed payment and easily understood terms, with no interest, the day they receive medical services or even before.
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#2 Dynamic Balance Adjusting Autopay Plans

Utilizing proprietary and patent-pending technology, VestaPay provides the ability to accurately predict a patient’s liability for services being rendered while establishing an affordable payment plan for the patient. Then, if there are changes to the patient’s final bill after the day of service, the system automatically adjusts their plan to match the final reconciled balances owed.

This approach will help patients avoid the “sneak attack” feeling that often comes with large patient bills sent months after service. Just as importantly, this also reduces the likelihood of patients delaying services that they need due to high costs.
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#3 The Human Touch

We help patients do what they must to do – pay their bills. We not only provide training to hospital staff, but offer additional chair-side coaches and benefit counselors to help ensure those staff are able to engage all patients.  Enrolling patients in VestaPay greatly improves patient-hospital relations and financial satisfaction. VestaPay provides access instead of barriers, clarity instead of red tape and industry-leading customer service instead of bureaucracy.
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VestaPay offers patients a lifeline that makes paying for healthcare easier on every level:

easier to process, easier to understand and easier to afford. We help patients breathe easier,
so they can focus on recovery and getting on with their full and active lives.