Medicare ID Validation System

Eliminate Errors That Have Significant Downstream Cost Implications

Given the format complexity of the new MBI number, having your staff manually enter these numbers can lead to a high rate of keying errors. These errors will result in wasted staff time, unnecessary claim denials, and delayed payments — all of which are now completely avoidable.

Our Automated Medicare ID Validation system does much more than “just” look for the new Medicare identification number.

Free Live Webinar – Solving the NEW Medicare ID Challenge

VestaCare CEO Tom Brekka shares how to solve the Medicare ID challenge with VestaPay automation.


VestaPay’s MBI Validation Service:

    1. Identifies and validates that the patient’s Medicare MBI number has been entered in your EHR correctly 100% of the time.
    2. Automatically locates the patient’s MBI number on the CMS website when the ID card is missing.
    3. Secures all ID card images and converts them to data and confirms against EHR data entered.
    4. Is powered by intelligent automation technology that enables log-in to the CMS WPS website, navigation through the registration multi-authentication security requirements, and access to all applicable data. It determines your patient’s Medicare benefits, including part A and B, or C (Advantage); it will also identify which carrier is administering the Advantage or Supplemental plan and check the residual benefits under those plans as well, leading to further improved estimate accuracy.
    5. Auto-Posts the patients’ complete Medicare plan and sub-plan information, including correctly positioning the plan hierarchy, into your EHR without human intervention.

If errors from human posting are found, the system identifies and applies corrections in real-time.

Our tool is fully automated and completes tasks far faster than manual CMS web look-up.

If requested, our Automated Medicare ID Validation system can also create:

    • Automated confirmation of Medicare coverage by primary and sub-categories.
    • Automatic updates to Medicaid ID and benefit status data to your EHR system.
    • Advanced business programing rules to ensure accurate results for custom cases.


Best of all, the VestaPay Automated Medicare ID Validation system is reasonably priced and can be deployed within 30 days for the base service and 60 days with the full automated posting.

Is your Medicare validation process running perfectly? Having trouble with your State Medicaid benefits determination?

VestaPay can help!