Our Solution

You Don't Need A Revenue Cycle Or Medical Billing Services Company: You Need VestaPay

VestaPay is the nation’s leading solution for improving point-of-service revenue and reducing patient liabilities for healthcare systems and hospitals while easing the financial worries of patients. Currently, most medical billing services invoice patients months after service, and revenue cycle companies chase them for months thereafter, with little to no improvement in patient collections. This practice leads to millions of dollars in uncollected payments, and aggravates both patients who are scared about their financial exposure as well as the medical providers trying to collect from them.



Set Up Payment
At Time-of-Service

Since its rollout, our solution has consistently improved patient revenues by 40 to 60%. Our competitors are satisfied collecting a meager 10-12% of patient liability, with many hospitals and healthcare systems collecting far less than 10%.

By turning the current medical billing services approach on its head and creating the most accurate dynamic balance adjusting AutoPay plan in the space, VestaPay can uniquely secure 100% of a patient’s KNOWN AND UNKNOWN LIABILITY at time-of-service while rolling patient obligations into affordable payments, saving everyone involved time, money, and heartache.

VestaPay is the first – AND ONLY – automated payment plan system that can be set up at time-of-service. This solution enables patients to pay their bill without destroying their family budget. This reduces stress for patients and helps to improve patient outcomes.

VestaPay offers patients a lifeline that makes paying for healthcare easier on every level:

easier to process, easier to understand and easier to afford. We help patients breathe easier,
so they can focus on recovery and getting on with their full and active lives.