Meet the challenge of COVID-19 vaccine delivery

Our COVID-19 Patient Communication Tech helps you manage the “last mile” of patient engagement.

Distributing vaccines to as many patients as possible as quickly and efficiently as possible may prevent further loss of life.
The enormous scale of this task will overwhelm many hospitals. Our tech geniuses have been anticipating this problem
for several months and are ready to roll out the ideal solution: COVID-19 Patient Communication Tech,
Powered by VestaPay.

Talk to an expert – we can be up and running in 7 days.

“COVID-19 vaccines are heading to hospitals – our primed and tested COVID-19 Patient Communication Tech will help your hospital manage community demand and save lives.”

– Tom Brekka, CEO of VestaPay

What Patient Communication Tech does:

The VestaPay PERCS system is a Mobile ChatBot patient communication platform that provides exceptional virtual patient enrollment and is especially well suited to COVID vaccine inventory management and patient administration.  For example, VestaPay PERCS:

  • Communication broadcast and outreach to your community
    Utilizing mobile phone data, VestaPay PERCS broadcasts mobile messages to all consumers within your service area.
  • Qualifies Patients
    Using a link to the VestaPay mobile chatbot system, provide CDC questionnaire to patients and use associated data to determine their vaccine treatment tier. Survey and prioritize patients based on predetermined CDC qualification factors utilizing both automated and curated programming. In addition, the system helps patients understand and qualify their access to vaccine(s).
  • Enables Patient Self-Scheduling Complementing EHR Schedulers
    VestaPay COVID Vaccine Management enable large scale inoculations, capturing key data while maintaining consumer/patient HIPAA privacy. We offer faster, more efficient mobile scheduling, enabling patients to select their own appointments for vaccinations, then receive cascading appointment reminders and second dose follow-up messaging.
  • Extends and supports flawless record keeping and reporting
    Our system will track all necessary data and prepare reports as needed for local, county, and statewide purposes.

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  • Complete vaccine inventory management and allocation
    Helps facilitate distribution of vaccines as inventory becomes available and coordinates administration to the patients.
  • Optimizes for mobile, mobile, mobile!
    Mobile access, ChatBot and SSM communications are discreet, secure and safer, leading to a higher percentage of the population being able to access information about, ultimately adopt the vaccine and get scheduled for a set time and place to receive their inoculations.
  • Provides patients with The SureCardTM Inoculation Record – Powered by VestaPay
    Vaccine compliance information and inoculation records can be securely embedded into a card that also tracks their insurance information, previous testing, and other pertinent medical information.
  • Streamlines CARES Act / Federal Subsidy reimbursement
    The system helps hospitals capture the necessary data to enable receiving reimbursement faster so that care, and cash flow, never slow down.

Our COVID-19 Patient Communication Tech is the solution your community needs. Let’s get started!

Are you ready to manage the community demand?

Are your systems in place to engage all potential patients, determine COVID-19 vaccines eligibility according to rapidly changing CDC guidelines, manage the patient flow while not over running your staff?

Are your follow-up as well as initial engagement systems mobile friendly and designed to provide genuine care and ease of use for your patients?

Are you set up to manage vaccine reporting and data collection that is mandated by your state?

The amount of need and concern surrounding the vaccine will be enormous, how are you going to handle the volume of inquiries without confusion, and fear?

We know how to do this. We’re here to help.