Empower Patients, Optimize Staff, Increase Revenue

VestaPay has been delivering transformative results to healthcare clients since 1999. Our proprietary technology allows patients to input vital registration data on the platform of their choosing while streamlining administrative processes for hospitals and medical centers. That means:

    • Convenient payment options and payment plans leading to improved patient satisfaction AI-powered staff optimization
    • Increased revenue for medical providers

Our mobile patient registration tools have generated incredible financial success for midsized hospitals such as OakBend Medical Center in Richmond, Texas. Their location has seen revenues rise from essentially zero to a run rate of $80,000 per month in less than six months across their three Emergency Departments.

Here’s how we do it:

Ensure key data is captured accurately, the first time.

EDs are a continual revenue challenge for hospitals, in large part due to porous data capture systems and processes. Our system allows providers to secure 100% of patient data at time of service as well as 100% of patient liability

Help hospitals handle staffing challenges, starting on day one.

Our easy-to-use, easy-to-learn platform monitors patient progress and allows staff to engage virtually at any time.

Reduce provider penalties and headache by curbing EMTALA violations.

We provide triggers to assure patients are treated in a timely manner and that no information is gathered before it should be.

NEW FEATURE: VestaPay’s Virtual Staff Control (VSC) Panel.

The VSC provides your staff insight into your patients progress throughout the healthcare experience. All linear processes can be monitored to completion including registration, pre-access instructions, and post-op follow ups.

“VestaPay’s revolutionary mobile patient self-registration solution reduced the burden on our front-line staff by reducing admin time streamlining critical paperwork. The platform has fundamentally improved the way our Emergency Department operates.”

– Genie Strauss, Business Office Director, OakBend Medical Center Hospital System


Let’s say your total patient responsibility is $2M over the course of a two-year period. Typical patient capture rate in the ED is around 15%, so net revenue, after costs of collecting those funds, would be around $200K.

Our platform projects to more than double that net revenue, closer to $540K over that same two years.

Results vary from hospital to hospital, but all our clients report higher revenues than before switching to VestaPay. Our feedback from hospital administrative staff is phenomenal, and patients love the platform too.


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