Mobile Patient Registration

Our PERsonal Communication System (PERCS) helps patients connect with their hospital,
manage payments, and more

PERCS mobile patient registration relieves many frustrations felt by hospitals and patients:

    • For patients, the ease-of-use is a godsend: Using your own personal mobile device to register at hospitals and clinics couldn’t be simpler. You can register ahead of time, during your visit, or when you arrive.
    • For hospitals, the economy of workflow provides a huge advantage. Instead of needing to staff in-person one-to-one registration, hospitals can rely on patients registering themselves on-site or in advance.

Powered by cutting-edge patent-pending technology, PERCS not only improves the patient experience, it helps patients meet their payment obligation even if the balance changes — and dramatically increases hospital revenues. It also boosts hospital staff efficiency while protecting staff against infection transfer.

Mobile Patient Registration Made Easy

Our patient-friendly mobile ChatBot walks patients through a complete workflow continuum, including pre-EMTALA through post-EMTALA steps. Post-EMTALA, the VestaPay system identifies a treatment acuity level, validates all patient benefits then completely secures the patient’s financial liability via the DBA AutoPay plan while alleviating the patient’s fears about affordability.

75% of patients engaged and signed up for VestaPay’s DBA AutoPay Plans

*Missouri Delta Medical Center, December 2018-March 2020

Three Keys to VestaPay’s Mobile Patient Registration: Discretion, Speed, and Safety


PERCS reduces the person-to-person part of this encounter, allowing patients to address their financial responsibilities in a discreet and safe manner, eliminating emotional financial embarrassment.


Other patient portals that claim to be easy are slow. PERCS works up to 5x faster by allowing patients to see, review, elect to pay and complete their payments in under two minutes.  Patients are able to address all of their financial liabilities, from every hospital department, taking into account all primary and secondary insurance and Medicare benefits. It’s fast, easy and reliable.


In addition to improving hospital workflow and patient convenience, PERCS allows for optional clinical screening questions to be asked in advance of patient arrival, alerting hospitals to the severity of incoming patients.

Immediate Financial Impact for Hospitals

PERCS does far more than competitors’ mobile registration systems. It enables hospitals to break through the 10% patient revenue capture barrier, securing 40-60% of patient liabilities. It allows for comprehensive bill payments and account management. Given the choice, the vast majority of patients choose to register on their phones. And, on average more than 75% of responding patients signed up for the VestaPay DBA Auto Payment Plan securing 100% of their current and future liability through the PERCS system.

        • 20% of responding patients decided to pay their full balance
        • 10-15% of the patients who received the outreach through PERCS called the hospital directly

90% of those phone calls led to partial payments, full payments, or enrollment in the VestaPay Dynamic Balance Adjusting AutoPay plan

All of VestaPay’s DBA auto-plans include our industry-leading benefit estimator, which greatly exceeds the accuracy of other estimators currently in use. Combine our estimator with the Dynamically Adjusting AutoPay plan and your hospital can offer a solution that fits each patient’s needs and payment comfort level. Learn more about VestaPay DBA AutoPay Plans here.

These benefits are only the dawning of a brighter financial day. In the first phase of the VestaPay program, Missouri Delta, a 130-bed facility in Sikeston, MO, generated $1.4 million in improved cash and secured $2.4 million of additional patient liability, about 5x previous efforts. This is revenue from patients who wanted to pay their bill — something that PERCS made possible for them.

PERCS Serves Patients Better

As a team of hospital executives and administrators, we are aware of the many challenges facing hospitals right now, and we share your commitment to the health and wellbeing of patients and of the public at large. That’s why we are committed to providing real solutions to real challenges for hospitals and hospital systems.

In just 20 minutes, we can show you all the benefits of the PERCS.