PERsonal Communication System (PERCS)

Supporting Patient Self-Registration

Because of COVID-19, protecting hospital registrars, caregivers, and staff, as well as the patients, from infection during the registration process is more critical than ever.

Our new PERsonal Communication System (PERCS) enables the majority of patients to use their own mobile device for hospital and medical clinic registrations. With PERCS, patients can register for their visit — at or in advance of their arrival.

PERCS also allows for comprehensive bill payments and account management. As part of the initial rollout with Missouri Delta Medical Center, 75% of responding patients signed up for the VestaPay DBA Auto Payment Plan through the PERCS phone app.

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IMMEDIATE Financial Impact for Hospitals

In addition to providing mobile customer care and increased safety, PERCS provides meaningful revenue for healthcare systems.
At Missouri Delta Medical Center, the financial impact of PERCS was immediate:

    • 75% of responding patients signed up for the VestaPay DBA Auto Payment Plan through the PERCS mobile app. That means that three-quarters of responding patients enrolled electronically while needing ZERO direct interaction from hospital staff.
    • 30% of responding patients decided to pay their full balance.
    • About 20% of the patients who received the outreach through PERCS called the hospital directly. More than 90% of those phone calls led to partial payments, full payments, or enrollment in the VestaPay AutoPay plan.
    • But this is only the beginning. By the end of the campaign, Missouri Delta is expected to collect 3x more patient revenue than from typical loss prevention efforts.

PERCS prioritizes patients and walks them through a complete workflow continuum, including pre-EMTALA through post-EMTALA steps. Post-EMTALA, the VestaPay system validates all patient benefits then completely secures the patient’s financial liability while alleviating their fears about affordability.

How Does PERCS Achieve These Fantastic Results?

1. Discreet

Patients are able to address their financial liabilities. PERCS allows for this interaction to take place electronically, without needing to interact with another person, therefore reducing the hesitancy and negative feelings associated with shame.

2. Fast

Most patient portals are relatively easy to use, but they’re slow. PERCS works up to 5x faster by allowing patients to see, review, elect to pay and complete their payments in under two minutes. The entire process is streamlined for immediate action and resolution.

PERCS Safety Benefits:

    • Reduces exposure for all patients and staff during registration.
    • Clinical screening questions can alerts hospitals to the severity of their incoming patient.
    • Guides patients to appropriate care center via messaging, chat, and video with clinicians.
    • Frees up staff time by enabling patient pre-registration and automatic billing compliant with EMTALA guidelines.
    • Reduces waiting room times while simultaneously triaging urgent patients more quickly.
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As a team of hospital executives and administrators, we are aware of the many challenges facing hospitals right now, and we share your commitment to the health and wellbeing of patients and of the public at large. That’s why we are committed to providing real solutions to these real challenges in this time of crisis. We can help you with tough problems. You are not alone – we’re all in this together.