Meet the challenge of COVID-19 vaccine delivery

Our Vaccine Management System expedites inoculation
elegantly, efficiently and easily

For Patients:

    • Pre-registration
    • 1st Appointment
    • Reminders
    • 2nd Appointment
    • Follow-up

For Providers:

    • Communications
    • Inventory Management
    • Data Reporting
    • Immunization Tracking
    • placeholder

VestaCare has solved the problem of how to engage, connect and manage the inoculation of hundreds, thousands, and ultimately millions of patients through an orderly and effective process — all while helping you manage vaccine inventory, coordinate appointment scheduling, and making implementation easy.

We are currently scheduling demonstrations of this solution to hospitals and other healthcare providers. Our system can roll out in as few as 7 days — at no upfront cost, and with increased revenue to you.

Distributing vaccines to as many patients as possible as quickly and efficiently as possible may prevent further loss of life. The enormous scale of this task will overwhelm many hospitals. Our tech specialists have been anticipating this problem for several months and are ready to roll out the ideal solution.

Talk to an expert – we can be up and running in 7 days.

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Our full-service Vaccine Management System provides:

Communication broadcast and outreach to your community
Utilizing mobile phone data, VestaPay PERCS broadcasts mobile messages to all consumers within your service area.

Qualification of patients
Using a link to the VestaPay mobile chatbot system, our system matches the CDC questionnaire to patients and uses associated data to determine their vaccine treatment tier. You can survey and prioritize patients based on predetermined CDC qualification factors utilizing both automated and curated programming. In addition, the system helps patients understand and qualify their access to vaccine(s).

Accelerates appropriate scheduling
Matches available vaccine inventory with staff and with a queue list you develop and manage, enabling patients to easily schedule and confirm appointments, expediting inoculation and saving time.

Our system also:

      • Incorporates Mobile Virtual Patient Registration — thereby preventing COVID spread
      • Provides patients with The SureCard™ inoculation record
      • Manages vaccine inventory and allocation
      • Optimizes patient experience for mobile with ChatBot and SSM messages
      • Streamlines CARES Act and Federal Subsidy reimbursement
      • Makes better use of valuable healthcare worker time while improving community safety

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