VestaPay Patient Card Overview

Flexibility for patients, cost savings for employers, faster cash for hospitals

As healthcare insurance premiums continue to rise, many employers seek to contain cost increases
by reducing employee benefits. This shift inherently moves more healthcare costs to their workers.
At the same time, hospitals continue to struggle with an inability to collect more than 10%-12%
of patient charges. ​

The VestaPay Patient Card changes all of that.

By inserting our proprietary tech into the problem, we have created a solution to this complex issue
that saves money for hospitals, employers, and patients.

This groundbreaking program
can be scaled
down to a
service level..


Solution for TPAs and employer health plans:

Mitigate employee healthcare costs. Our innovative tech offers key breakthrough for TPAs and the employers they represent. Even after network discounts and plan coverage, the final patient responsibility for a hospital stay can be financially devastating. Compounding this issue, employee deductibles are at all-time highs, leaving individuals and families to cover more healthcare costs than ever before.

​VestaPay addresses this crucial problem by making these bills far easier to pay and less impactful to the typical household budget.

With no up-front cost to the employer, the VestaPay Patient Card creates an automated payment plan, that works within the member’s financial capabilities. This helps patients manage their bills and their cash flow, while freeing up time and reducing stress.

Employee Benefits:

With this program, patients gain access to every hospital in the country, regardless of location or specialty. The VestaPay Patient Card program ensures patients will receive a flexible payment schedule for their liability. Because patient payments are managed and processed through VestaPay, we can help them avoid surprise bills and backbreaking costs.

Hospitals and Healthcare providers:

Our simplified process ensures that hospitals receive both payor and patient payments from the same source – us. Better still, all providers benefit from VestaPay’s Dynamic Balance Adjusting Autopay Plans that secures all charges at time of service, including all subsequently billed charges.

In order to be a part of the program, providers agree to deliver their services at a direct rate of reimbursement with the commensurate understanding that the patient will be enrolled in a VestaPay Payment Plan.

  • Employers save 50-65% on healthcare costs
  • Patients can visit any hospital
  • Providers save thousands in man hours and bad debt reduction

This is the solution you've been waiting for

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