VestaPay SureCardTM for TPAs

Mitigate employee healthcare costs. Our innovative tech offers key breakthrough
for TPAs and the employers they represent.

Even after network discounts and plan coverage, the final patient responsibility  for a
hospital stay can be financially devastating. Compounding this issue, employee deductibles are
at all-time highs, leaving individuals and families to cover more healthcare costs than ever before.

VestaPay addresses this crucial problem by making these bills far
easier to pay and less impactful to the typical household budget.

With no up-front cost to the employer, the VestaPay SureCardTM creates an automated payment plan, that works within the member’s financial capabilities. This helps patients manage their bills
and their cash flow, while freeing up their time and reducing stress.

In conjunction with your employer defined health plan, VestaPay secures flexible payment from any hospital the patient has chosen to obtain services.


SureCardTM Benefits:

In addition to making your bills easier to pay, the SureCardTM replaces the insurance card for patients and includes a number of benefits.

  • Replaces both primary and second insurance cards with just one card
  • Streamlines processing of benefits by minimizing processing errors
  • Includes complete immunization record to comply with employer mandates and communicate with healthcare professionals
  • If needed, patients can set you up with a dynamic adjustment auto-pay plan with one easy scan

Our program has created a new opportunity for TPAs and Employers

The hospital community has greeted our program with open arms as it enables them to avoid losing over 90% of patient billed charges, while gaining many operational efficiencies and enhancing patient satisfaction.

As a result of the efficiencies gained, hospitals provide VestaPay with a percentage of the payment revenues they receive through our program. This has created a unique revenue share opportunity with our participating TPAs.

We'll help you serve your employee's health needs better.

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